Account Receivable

Factoring for Telecommunications

Do you have customers that take a long time to pay? If so, invoice factoring through is the perfect solution for your business’s cash flow concerns. We help businesses in the telecom industry obtain fast financing, so they can keep their businesses running smoothly.

Factoring your invoices is a simple process

Think beyond bank financing. The experts at can match your company with the best cable and telecommunications factors for your business. Factoring your invoices is a simple process. A factoring company purchases your accounts receivable and gives your company cash in return — up to 95%. We partner with various factoring companies to make sure that you get the lowest rates and best terms possible for your telecom business.

When companies factor their invoices, it enables them to make payroll, hire more employees, buy new supplies, offer better credit terms to clients and expand the business. credit history does not matter for approval; rather, the decision is based on the creditworthiness of your customers.

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Telecommunications Factoring is beneficial because it provides Flexible financing options.

We can get you funding if you’re a business owner in the cable and telecom industry! Many telecommunication businesses use accounts receivable factoring to fight cash flow issues.

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way to finance your business.

Increase The Cash Flow

Many flourishing businesses still experience cash flow deficiencies. Luckily, accounts receivable factoring companies are ready and willing to give you the working capital you need to keep business booming. Just think of what your telecommunications company could do with extra cash flow

Why Factoring?

Quickly and easily obtain the funding you need to grow your telecom business with invoice factoring. You can access working capital in as little as a few days, without any contracts or minimums. With invoice factoring, simply submit your invoices and get cash advances within 24 hours – so it’s easy to get the funds you when you need them most.