Accounts Receivable

financing for tech companies

Accounts receivable financing for tech companies is a way to get funding by selling invoices at a discount. This gives businesses the opportunity to maintain a smooth cash flow and keep up with their competitors. The process is straightforward and the funding comes quickly, making it a great option for businesses in need of working capital.

Technology companies can get quick funding by factoring.

Technology companies often have to contend with late payments, which can put a strain on their operations. However, invoice factoring can close the payment gap and improve your cash flow so you can focus on running your business.

What are the advantages of Invoice Factoring for Tech Companies?

If you’re a technology company in need of funding, invoice factoring is a great option. With this method, companies that purchase your open invoices will advance you up to 90 percent of their value. This gives you the opportunity to maintain a smooth cash floor.

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We Offer IT Factoring Services for a Wide Range of Businesses

We have many funding partners that provide various types of financing for companies in the tech industry. Our clients include:

A tech company needs a continuous cash flow to stay competitive, and factoring is an easy way to finance your business. The process is straightforward and the funding comes quickly.

How dose it Works

Send In Your Invoices

After you invoice your client for a finished technology product or service, forward a scanned copy to the appropriate factoring company.

Get a Cash Advance

Our factor will validate your invoices and advanced between 80-90% of the total amount to your bank within one day. The rest of the funds will stay in reserve until the invoice is finalized.

Boost your credit score

The tech factoring company will get paid by your customers on your behalf. you can save your money and valuable time.

Collect the Reserve Payment

Once the factor collects payment from your client, you will receive the remainder of your reserve minus a little factoring fee.

Factoring is

simple, efficient, and effective.

Keep Your cash floor smoothly

When you choose to fund your technology company invoices, you’re opening up the door to a more beneficial and prosperous relationship. By doing so, you’ll have access to extra perks that can help streamline your business operation.

Back office operations

This benefit is definitely worth repeating. When you allow your technology factor to spearhead your collections, you can save on overhead and staffing costs. The factor will handle customer follow-ups for invoices and payment schedules.

Keep the confidence

When working with clients, you have to trust that your client has the financial ability to actually pay for your services. Otherwise, it can be a waste of time and resources. To streamline this process (and save some money), consider using factoring for tech companies! With this system in place, you'll have peace of mind knowing that each of your customers has been evaluated for creditworthiness by experts. So go ahead and complete those orders without hesitation!


If you are a technology company, invoice factoring may be the best financial solution for you; however, knows that a long term projects might not always be what's best for your tech company. factoring agreements foster short term contracts that can be renewed so long as they are effective and canceled if needed.

Check Your Reports Online

You can always check on your account by logging in to the online system that your factor provides. This way, you can see your transections, what invoices are still open, and plenty more information too.

Even if you have a startup with poor credit or no credit history, No worries, You can be approved.