Account receivable

Factoring for Security Services

Security guard service companies can factor in their receivables to get quick cash to pay for business expenses. This type of funding gives businesses the money they need without taking on debt. Factoring companies purchase the receivables at a discount and give the business cash upfront. The business then pays back the factoring company over time

Your Company Can Become More Successful With Factoring

Factoring can provide your security guard service company with the working capital it needs to grow and succeed. By selling your invoices at a discount to a factoring company, you can free up cash that is tied up in slow-paying receivables. This cash can be used to pay expenses, fund payroll, or take advantage of special opportunities as they arise.

Which is better for your business: a security guard factoring company or bank loans?

Since there are no minimum or maximum amount restrictions and you don’t have to sign a long-term contract, invoice factoring is flexible. As long as your invoices show that you’re working with creditworthy customers, you can keep factoring for as long as it’s needed for your company’s growth.

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Factoring receivables is the best option

There are many benefits to security guard company factoring, not just the financial transaction. Improve your cash flow is significant, your cash flow is significant, but there are more advantages with factoring your invoices.

The potential for a limitless amount of funding.

There are different limits to how much they're willing to lend you. however, your credit line from factoring grows as your sales grow. No worries about whether you can finance a new contract or buy supplies. with factoring, it is always beneficial to expand your business.

Be Approved even with bad credit history

If your company was greatly affected by the recession or if you're just starting out and quickly using up resources, security guard factoring provides the cash flow needed to continue expanding. Your approval is based on customers' creditworthiness, and through invoice factorization, You can improve your credit score.

Supplier discounts

Many suppliers offer accelerated payment discounts to keep the cash flow moving. You can reduce the cost of your security supplies by taking advantage of supplier discounts for regularly-used products, or through high-volume purchasing discounts.

Back office support

When you allow your security company factor to spearhead your collections, you can save on overhead and staffing costs. The factor will handle customer follow-ups for invoices and payment schedules.

Feel ease dealing with government contracts

Our factoring partners have countless hours of experience funding government contracts and will guide your company to compliance. They can successfully manage any due diligence required to staff the biggest clients you may have.

Let's Get Started

Why not begin factoring today when there is such a little risk for amazing rewards? You could be approved for security guard factoring in as few as 3-5 working days and funded within one day of approval! To apply, simply fill out the short application and submit the following documents:

Even if you have a startup with poor credit or no credit history, No worries, You can be approved.

Success Story: Security Guard Company Finds Success Through Factoring

A security guard company was expanding and had the chance to start an important government-funded contract that would require several high-clearance guards. Even though they were making enough money to cover their other expenses, The primary challenge they faced was securing the funds needed to cover things like security clearances and pay their guards. Unfortunately, their bank refused to finance their new contract.

What's Next

The security guard company’s prospects for success decreased when they turned down the contract, making it unlikely that another similar deal would be offered in the future. A rival security guard company then snatched up the talented guards who were looking for advancement, causing the first security company to lose both business and staff.

The owner reached out to the security guard factoring experts at They explained how factoring works and assured him that they could fund quickly with a limited number of documents required. The owner immediately submitted the required paperwork and within less than a day, he received 90% of all of his outstanding invoices. This gave his company’s cash flow the boost it needed to be eligible for a new government contract.

If you guessed answer B, congratulations! You are correct.

One success opens the door to new possibilities.

After acquiring their first government contract and then quickly a second, the security guard company broadened its range of services to interest new patrons.

When you factor your security guard company’s invoices, you set funds aside to survive slow periods and invest more in growing your business. What story do you like most?

The example given is not meant to imply guaranteed results from security guard companies who choose to Factor.