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Manufacturing Invoice Factoring is…

Factoring for manufacturing companies is the act of selling your company’s open invoices to a factoring company in order to get an advance on the money. This is different from a loan because you are not borrowing any new money, merely converting what you already have into cash that can be used immediately.

When it takes a long time to receive payments, even the biggest manufacturing company has a difficult time covering its expenses. By factoring accounts receivable, you can secure funding for operational costs. needed instead of accepting cash flow instability and limited growth.

Benefits of Invoice Factoring for Manufactures

Unlike a typical bank loans, your company can enjoy the benefits of manufacturing factoring right away. Don’t wait 60-90 days for payments – receive up to 95% of your invoice value within 24 hours of submitting it, without taking on any new debt.

why spend time and money on shipping? Manufacturing factoring is a quick and easy way to get funding for your business. Simply send digital copies of your open invoices

Utilizing factoring receivables in your manufacturing business provides you with the working capital necessary to cover both day-to-day expenses and larger investments that expand your company. The best part is, there are no restrictions on how you can spend the money–and as your sales grow, so does your funding potential.

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With Invoice Factoring, Expand Manufacturing Business

A factoring relationship not only gives you immediate access to cash, but also provides other significant benefits for your business!

You are not limited to a certain number of products each month

Unlike other funding options, with manufacturing factoring, your potential is only restricted by your sales. You can factor as frequently as you want and there are no maximums to avoid crossing- meaning you can maintain the cash flow that works best for your business.

No long-term contracts:

With factoring, you will never feel trapped. Most agreements are only for six months to a year, and you can always assess whether the relationship is working well for you.

Get rid of your current debt management:

Having a continuous cash flow will allow you to put your attention towards the debt that is dragging down your credit rating. By paying off old debts, you will increase your chance of being approved for future financing.

Consider volume discounts when making your purchase:

Your factoring agreement will take into account any volume discounts that apply. If your company manufactures a large volume of products, you may be eligible for a lower rate.

Be more flexible with your suppliers:

By utilizing factoring, manufacturers can take advantage of early-pay discounts with suppliers and bulk order specials. With these services, you are essentially provided with the working capital necessary to cover any potential upcoming expenses.

Save both time and money.

Invoice factoring for manufacturing is not only easy and time-saving, but it can also help you save money in other ways! For example, your factoring company will give you free access to credit and background verification reports. This way, you can vet your customers without spending any extra money.

Online reporting is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With 24/7 access to your account's reporting system, you will always know where you stand and can avoid any potential problems. You can also integrate your factoring account with your other business records for a more seamless experience.

Bad credit?, you may still be able to get Approval

Accounts receivable factoring is possible for any size or position of manufacturing company, even with little to no established business credit. Furthermore, one benefit of immediately acquiring working capital through accounts receivable factoring is that you can use it to reload old debt and improve your credit rating for future financing needs.

Process of manufacturing factoring

Time is crucial for manufacturers, and at, we recognize this. We developed a factoring application that is quick to set up and easy to use as a result. In as short as 3 to 5 business days and with very little documentation, our vast network of manufacturing invoice funding specialists can grant your business a credit line!

Because the factor will decide whether to fund an order based on the creditworthiness of your consumer. There is no risk in applying because there are no upfront or unexpected application expenses. You may still be eligible to factor your manufacturing invoices with us even if you have bad credit or other financial problems. We provide rates that are competitive in the market and tailored to your business’s working capital requirements.

The application process for factoring requires the following documentation:

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The process of factoring receivables is easy

You can use factoring funds to update inventory, make payroll and other employment expenses, or invest in growing your business.

The process for obtaining funding is just as easy whether you own a machine shop or need to pay your chemical company employees.

With an anticipated increase in the manufacturing industry, don’t let cash flow become a deterrent in taking advantage of new opportunities.

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Factoring Companies for Manufacturing has a wide network of funding partners anxious to do business with you. Not only does their team have experience working with all types of manufacturing companies, but many different sectors within the industry are already participating in invoice factoring, including finds funding based on what you want and need from a factoring company. We’ll work with you to get the best possible deal. If you’re looking for more cash to put into your manufacturing business, we can support get funds fast.

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