Receivable Factoring

Receivable factoring for agriculture businesses keeps the cash flowing.

With agriculture factoring, you can receive payment for your unpaid receivables upfront. This allows you the financial flexibility to pay employees, purchase supplies, and keep daily operations running smoothly. Short-term financing with agriculture factoring typically has more relaxed requirements than other types of loans.

Why is Invoice Factoring Important?

With factoring, you don’t need collateral, and your customer’s credit history is considered instead of just your own. This can be really helpful if you’re looking to expand your business or even if other loan options aren’t available to you.

Factoring obtaining the Money You Need to Keep Operations Running Smoothly

Agricultural businesses are booming, and we want to help you by customizing an invoice factoring program that meets your specific needs. This type of receivable financing is perfect for all types of agricultural operations, including:

If you are a supplier who supplies to stores, schools, jails, or other municipal facilities, factoring your unpaid receivables can get you the money you need immediately. Factoring agricultural receivables have many advantages:

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Quick funding

Funds will typically be received within 24 hours of invoice verification.


You can choose to factor as little or as often as you need, depending on your current business needs! There's no minimum amount that you have to factor, so you can make use of the funds however you see fit. This could be for everyday expenses like rent and utilities, or larger purchases such as a PACA license

No more debt

Agriculture receivable factoring is beneficial because it does not add debt to your balance sheet!

Improve your company's credit

agricultures factoring not only doesn't create debt but, can also help you eliminate old debts! With stable cash flow, you're then able to focus on paying off areas that will improve your credit score for future use.

Save time and money

The complimentary credit checks and concerted collections efforts as part of the factoring relationship with Agriculture factors will help reduce your overhead as well as the time you spend on these tasks. In addition, negotiating payment incentives with your customers can save you even more money.

Here's how

you can start the factoring process:

Required Documents

In only 3 to 5 business days, you could be approved for agriculture factoring – and this is even if you have poor or little business credit! Your company credit history won’t impact the decision because it is based on your customer’s credit instead.

When you factor your agriculture receivables, you’ll be able to work more on chasing your passion instead of money.

When you pick agriculture receivable factoring, you’re choosing to bypass the slow road and get on the fast track to cash flow freedom.

Just like peaches need trees to grow, your business needs money to thrive. With by your side, getting funding for your small business is easy. We provide receivable factoring so you can focus on what’s important: running your business. Learn more about our programs today!

Factoring receivables is an easy way

Once you have completed the agricultural work, submit your invoices.

Agriculture factoring companies will advance you money on 1) unpaid invoices. 2) payable by another company 3) unpledged to a third party(collectible). You can either email or fax invoices to your factor with a request for funding, depending on what you're able to do as well as their submission guidelines.

Get money in your account within 24 hours.

The factor will send the money either the same day or next day once they have verified your invoices. They may give you up to 90% of what the invoice is worth and hold the rest in a reserve account until the bill is paid off.

Keep your business running smoothly

Let the collections process be handled by your agricultural factor so you can focus on fulfilling orders and growing your business! The factoring company will follow up with your clients; in the meantime, you can submit more invoices to maintain a steady cash flow.

Don't wait, Get paid

Customers will pay the agriculture factoring company, who will then send you the reserved amount minus a small fee. Most factors have a set release schedule that will be in your agreement.